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Smart Home for parasols: Technological highlights for sources of shade

There are good reasons why Smart Home solutions and systems for home automation are enjoying increasing popularity. MAY has an extensive range of the latest, state-of-the-art accessories that all MAY Parasols can be equipped with upon request. The straightforward operation and the extra amenities they offer make an impression. Technical accessories make things more atmospheric, enhance the functionality, and make things a whole lot more fun.

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React to the weather by pressing a button – or letting the automation system take charge

There’s no such thing as bad weather where you are

There’s no such thing as bad weather where you are It’s a balmy summer day, with waiters scurrying from table to table on the bustling restaurant patio, when a summer storm suddenly descends on the patrons. Things can easily become a little chaotic when all the parasols need to be wound open by hand to stop the guests fleeing from the rain. Parasols equipped with motors provide the ideal solution: Simply pressing a button or, even more conveniently, using a remote control or app to make the parasols open – individually, in groups or all of them at the same time. The electric motors are also perfectly straightforward to connect to an existing home automation system, or to a wind sensor that has been configured accordingly. Click here to read more.

For more convenience and safety at home

This, of course, also functions equally well at home: The parasol can be closed quickly and without any effort at the touch of a button. In combination with a wind sensor, this brings substantial benefits in terms of operating convenience, because when a strong wind is picking up in particular, the parasol needs to be closed without delay. This accessory can also be connected to an existing Smart Home system – an additional safety measure for when you’re not at home. Just make sure to check compatibility with your automation system before making a purchase. Click here to read more.

Parasol accessories – individual and innovative

Play of light and colour: LED lighting on the parasol

A play of light and colour: LED lighting integrated into the parasol When integrating additional equipment features into parasols, the latest LED technology has proved a popular option. It provides a choice between economical and versatile rechargeable battery operation, or operation based on home automation systems and apps using fixed wiring. A variety of colour effects covering the full spectrum of the rainbow are possible in both cases. MAY Parasols can, upon request, be equipped with RGB-W LEDs in the colours red, green, blue and warm white, including a dimmer function; Bluetooth, a free-of-charge app, or a remote control can be used to control them. This is sure to make a MAY Parasol an attention-grabbing eye-catcher when it’s dark as well. Click here to read more.

For an increase in comfort: Infrared radiant heaters

Those who’d like to stay warm under a parasol on cold days or when summer nights turn cool will be well served by infrared radiant heaters. They make things cosy and warm under the parasol within seconds. This will entice you to linger a little longer. Radiant heaters are also a perfect way to warm up quickly after swimming or splashing around in water. They are a perfect year-round feature for smokers’ corners in front of restaurants, cafés and bars as well. Click here to read more.

Add more atmosphere with sound: Integrated loudspeakers

Spending time under a MAY Parasol – both on your own patio and in the commercial sector – is even more fun when the parasol has been equipped with a high-quality sound system. The MAY Parasol loudspeaker system has, of course, been designed with everything in mind: from protection from rain and theft to the accustomed convenience when closing the parasol. Click here to read more.

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