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Dispose of parasols correctly

MAY places particular emphasis on the high quality and durability of its products; everything about your MAY parasol is designed to be sustainable through and through.

We have been developing, designing and producing high-quality parasol systems for over 30 years. Even for the very first models from our founding years, we still manufacture replacement covers today.

MAY Assembly of parasols
MAY Assembly of parasols

Our promise: Years of enjoyment from your MAY parasol

As a company that acts sustainably, it is nevertheless important to us to think about the end of life of our parasols and thus their disposal. It is important to us to also inform our responsible customers about how MAY parasols can be disposed of properly.

Gestänge aus Aluminium: Unbedingt wiederaufbereiten

The poles of MAY parasols can be completely dismantled by type. Especially the main material - aluminium - can be recycled very well due to its low melting temperature. This is not about so-called "downcycling" - the reprocessing of materials with simultaneous devaluation compared to the original quality. No: the aluminium used for our constructions is as good as new even when recycled. This means it can be reintroduced into the material cycle. This is even particularly important: because aluminium has a high primary energy consumption in processing, e.g. compared to steel - but if you recycle it, it is a comparatively "green" material.

The correct disposal of canopy coverings

MayTex-Poly and MayTex-Acryl textiles made of plastic can be disposed of in normal household waste. We are happy to take back MaxTex-PVC and return it to the material cycle via a special recycling method.

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