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RIALTO - The side pole parasol for high demands

The shapely free-arm parasol impresses with its special robustness and durability. A special plus point: Individual parasols can be linked together to form parasol groups or large-area parasols with just a single pole - ideal, for example, for use in the outdoor catering of restaurants and hotels, for the street café or bistro with an outdoor area, but also for trade fairs and events, swimming pools, in large foyers, etc.

Your advantages / benefits

  • Optimal use of your outdoor area/patio with 6 different model sizes (round, square)
  • Round parasol up to 10 m², square parasol up to 12 m² area
  • Individual parasols can be combined to form parasol groups
  • Parasol can be rotated through 360°
  • Canopy can be tilted (RIALTO RP)
  • Side pole parasol with all-weather protection function
  • Excellent UV protection UPF40 to UPF80, according to standard UV801
  • Entire parasol fabric collection fully tested to UV801
  • Durable and robust parasol frame (aluminium parasols), all parts can be bought separately
  • Frame made of high-quality alloyed extruded aluminium profiles from European production
  • Fabric with durable and self-tensioning telescopic spring system
  • Quick and easy replacement of the fabric
  • Various valance versions
  • All parts optimised for care and maintenance
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Printing of canopy & valances possible (screen printing and digital printing)
  • Extensive range of accessories (see below)
  • Delivered ready to set up
  • All parts can be repurchased and repaired on site
Parasol in group of three in the mountains
RIALTO 3.0 m round, group of three
Parasol in group of three at the pool
RIALTO 3.0 m round, group of three
Parasol in group of three at the pool
RIALTO 3.0 m round, group of three
Parasol in group of three at the pool
RIALTO 3.0 m round, group of three

Product details

The RIALTO side pole parasol is also suitable as a sunshade for special requirements on your private terrace or in your garden. In addition to the basic model (RIALTO RG), the RIALTO free-arm sunshade is also available with a pendulum device for tilting the sunshade roof (RIALTO RP).

1360° rotation

Canopy with 360° graphic
All ground anchors are equipped with a special clamp. This allows you to turn the parasol all around according to the wandering sun.

2The parasol groups

3 canopies connected to form a group.
The shade with parasol groups is specially designed for large-scale outdoor catering. Thanks to the stable pole, the RIALTO can be equipped with up to four parasol canopies. This grouping is a real eye-catcher for that special terrace.

3The operation

Remote control next to parasol mast with hand crank
The large parasol is opened and closed with a smooth-running, removable stainless steel hand crank or cordless drill (hexagonal insert). A precisely running internal bevel gear ensures effortless operation, even after many years. For more convenient operation, the large sunshade can be equipped with a tubular motor at extra cost.

4Valance variants

Two magenta-coloured canopies with and without valance
The canopy '1' has a classic valance. The valance can be useful for for printing your logo. The version '2' does not have a valance. This looks simple and modern, not only in the private sector.

5The parasol frame

Magenta-coloured canopy with white aluminium frame
The frame is made of very high-quality, alloyed, extruded aluminium profiles.
  • Shade pole Ø 76 x 3 mm
  • Spoke dimension 30 x 15 x 2 mm / 25 x 15 x 2 mm
  • Support strut dimension 20 x 15 x 2 mm

6The connections

Blue canopy with white aluminium frame in detail
We attach particular importance to careful workmanship, which is why all movement axes are plugged in with detachable bolts. This elaborate manufacturing method guarantees maximum stability and durability as well as easy handling in case of repairs.

7The covering

Schematic representation of a frame spoke with visible internal spring system
The self-tensioning telescopic spring system tightens the covering even after years and dynamically absorbs wind loads. The combination with the stainless steel hooks makes it easy to change the covering.

8When not in use

Parasolin white protective cover
During periods of bad weather, the protective cover provided can simply be put over the parasol. The protective cover already has a fixed rod sewn in for easy operation as well as an integrated zip.

9The frame coating

A tube in white
The frame surface is powder-coated, extremely shock and impact resistant and available in RAL 9010 pure white.
Other special colours are available at an extra charge.

10MAY RIALTO RP - canopy with pivot system

Magenta-coloured canopy
With the removable crank rod, the canopy can be tilted according to the position of the sun.

11The pivot system

Magenta-coloured canopy
The pendulum adjustment allows infinitely variable fixation up to 30°. Turning the crank rod clockwise fixes the canopy.

12Strain relief

Wall mount with parasol pole
An optional wall bracket for strain relief is available on request.

13Fabric type and fabric colours

Various coloured closed parasols arranged in a circle
Choose from over 70 contemporary textile designs, available in three different fabric types:

  • MayTex-Poly, 230 g/m², water column > 1,000 mm
  • MayTex acrylic, 300 g/m², water column 370 mm
  • Further colours and fabric types available on request at any time
  • Textiles with fire certification (A or B1) on request
  • All fabrics from European production

For more information, see Colours & Textiles.

14Operating instructions

Yellow brochure
Proper handling of the product ensures a long life expectancy. Benefit from our 30 years of experience: Operating instructions RIALTO Basic version
Operating instructions RIALTO with pivot system

Technical data

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RIALTO - 2.85 x 2.85 Meter - Square

Form Square
Dimensions 2.85 x 2.85 m
Segments 8 panels
Area per canopy 8.1
Area total 8.1
s Width across flats 285 cm
E Valance height 33 cm
O   175 cm
P Arc length 185 cm
Q   25 cm
R   143 cm
K   60 cm
L   205 cm
M   205 cm
N1   280 cm
N2   310 cm
T   143 cm
J   165 cm
Support pole diameter Ø 7.6 cm
Pole thickness 0.3 cm
Weight without packaging
MayTex-Acryl without valance
26 kg
Length/Wide/Minimum depth
50 / 50 / 60 cm
Minimum ballast
Number of layers of concrete slabs XZ49
1 x ~ 112 kg

All height specifications refer to parasols with MayTex acrylic covering set up in an anchor sleeve (RZ118, RZ121). Dimensions for other fixings change as follows:

Full frame pedestal RZ111 + 9 cm
Full frame pedestal RZ112 + 12 cm
Full frame pedestal RZ114 + 16 cm
Anchor plate RZ123 + 5 cm

Intermediate sizes and special sizes on request. Dimensional tolerance approx. 5%.

Graphic representation of a transparent foundation

3D representation of a foundation with winter cover. Frost-proof foundation and enlarge accordingly in case of poor subsoil.

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