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Cantilever Parasols from MAY

Cantilever parasols from MAY are the ideal parasols for your garden, terrace or lounge area, as well as for use in a small commercial area.

The cantilever technique offers maximum space under the entire parasol.

Under a cantilever or side-post parasol, one understands a parasol, which has its post on the side rather than in the middle like a traditional parasol. This allows it to cover a larger area, and it is easier to place a table under it.

Interested in MAY’s cantilever parasols? Our experts gladly advise you and find an individual shading solution that suits you.

Cantilever Parasol Mezzo

Cantilever Parasol Dacapo

Rialto Cantilever Parasol

Cantilever Parasols

What are the advantages of cantilever parasols?

The great advantage of the cantilever parasol is obvious: It is much easier to provide a roof over, for example, a dining table on the terrace or balcony, and there is no disturbing post extending through the center of the table. Side-post or cantilever parasols are a popular choice in the gastronomy industry. They are space-saving and beyond that look very elegant. This makes them an asset to any outdoor area in restaurants or cafes. MAY’s cantilever parasols are particularly well suited for private use in the garden or on the balcony or terrace, as well as for small commercial areas.

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You wish to be consulted?
Hotline +49 (0)7374 / 92 09 0

Customers with the highest demands opt for MAY parasols.

MAY clients are people with very particular notions of quality and design. MAY parasols perfectly match these requirements. Whether compact cantilever parasols for the private garden or giant parasols for commercial use - a parasol by MAY always brings the utmost in product quality and aesthetics.