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The optimal protective sleeve for your parasol

MAY parasols are a perfect combination of functionality and design. Each MAY parasol is a gem - while providing effective sun protection, day after day and year after year. For this to work, your parasol needs an effective protection against the weather. Therefore all parasol models from MAY are supplied with a tailored protective case - whether side-post for the private garden or classic parasol for commercial use, regardless of screen shape and screen size.

For the giant parasols SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS there is an optional long-arm system available alongside the protective case - ideal for daily use. This way your parasol is effectively protected against vandalism and aggressive dirt, such as from by pigeon droppings. Especially in coastal areas, we recommend the daily packing of your parasol since the material is highly stressed due to wind, salt, iodine and sand.

Of course, MAY’s high quality standards also apply to the protective cases for cantilever, giant, and any other of our parasol types. For this reason, all our protective cases are made from high quality MayTex-polyester material, are professionally crafted and extremely simple to slide over the parasol. Even in the event that your protective case is damaged, MAY offers a suitable replacement even years after purchase.

MAY protective sleeve motif Santa Claus
MAY protective sleeve motif Santa Claus


Protective sleeve, version zipper and aluminium rod

with integrated aluminium rod and zipper for easy operation. Made of tarp material, colour grey. Please specify parasol size and valance option. Included in delivery of parasol.

for MEZZO Article-No. MA130
for DACAPO Article-No. DA130
for RIALTO Article-No. RA130
for FILIUS Article-No. FA130

Protective sleeve, version bag for SCHATTELLO

Article-No. SA130

without zipper, made of tarp material, colour grey. Please specify parasol size or serial number. Included in delivery of parasol.

Protective sleeve

with zipper and rope, without telescopic pole, made of tarp material, colour grey. Please specify parasol size or serial number.

for SCHATTELLO Article-No. SA122
for SCHATTELLO with integrated heaters Article-No. SA124

for ALBATROS Article-No. AA122
for ALBATROS with integrated heaters Article-No. AA124

Telescopic pole

maximum length 4.5 m, without ring. For retrofit of all protective sleeves with zipper. No ladder required for pulling on the protective sleeve. One piece per terrace needed.

for SCHATTELLO Article-No. 356040
for ALBATROS Article-No. 356041

Protective sleeve motif Santa Claus

With our cheerful Santa Claus protective sleeve, your parasols will be an eye-catcher even in winter. Suitable for the Christmas season you can "dress" your parasol with this Santa Claus pointed hat. Please contact us for a quote.

Passende Sonnenschirme

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