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MEZZO - Variable parasol for the private garden

The practical parasol canopy fixation of the MEZZO enables the opening of the parasol in inclined positions and stops the parasol canopy from swinging in the wind. The operation, e.g. opening and closing the garden parasol by hand crank or the individual inclined position, is ergonomic and convenient.

Your advantages / benefits

  • Optimal use of your outdoor area/patio with 5 different model sizes (round, square, rectangular)
  • Round parasol up to 8 m², square parasol up to 7 m² area
  • Side pole parasol, thus optimum freedom of movement
  • Parasol can be rotated 360° around the standpipe
  • Canopy can be rotated 180° around the cantilever arm
  • Canopy can also be positioned vertically, e.g. as a privacy screen
  • Excellent UV protection UPF40 to UPF80, according to standard UV801
  • Optional height adjustment (MEZZO MH)
  • Sturdy design
  • Frame made of high-quality anodised aluminium profiles in EV1 grey from European production
  • Spokes made of powder-coated spring steel in silver RAL 9006
  • Entire parasol fabric collection completely tested according to UV801
  • Fabric with self-tensioning telescopic spring system
  • Quick and easy replacement of fabric
  • Various valance versions
  • All parts optimised for care and maintenance
  • Supplied ready to set up
  • All parts can be repurchased and repaired on site

Product details

In addition to the basic model (MEZZO MG), the MEZZO hanging parasol is also available with integrated height adjustment by means of a gas pressure spring in the parasol pole (MEZZO MH). With its clear design and its numerous fabric variants and colours, the MEZZO side pole parasol is a real „eye-catcher“ for your garden or terrace!

1Stability in use

Connection between frame and canopy
The practical canopy fixation of the MEZZO allows opening in sloping positions and stops the canopy from swinging in the wind.

2The frame

The frame is made of very high-quality, alloyed, extruded aluminium profiles. The frame surface is anodised, extremely shock and impact resistant and available in the colour EV1 anodised silver-grey. The spokes are made of spring steel and are available powder-coated in the colour white aluminium RAL 9006.

3The operation

Crank drive
In just a few steps, the MEZZO can be opened and closed with the hand crank, brought into the desired position and then fixed in place.

4Valance variants

Two magenta-coloured canopies with and without valance
The canopy '1' has a classic flounce. The version '2' does not have a flounce. This looks simple and modern, not only in the private sector.

5Optimal mobility

Parasol with mobility inscriptions
The canopy swivels around all 3 axes:
  • 360° around the standpipe
  • 180° around the cantilever
  • 90° around the joint axis
Due to this high mobility of the canopy, you can optimally align the canopy against the sun or use it as a privacy screen.

6MEZZO MH with height adjustment

Screen in horizontal movement
More functions - more benefits. In addition to the MG model, the MEZZO MH offers height adjustment with an integrated gas pressure spring in the parasol pole. This means that this umbrella supports you with an effective lifting aid for minimum effort.

7Ergonomic operation

Woman operating side pole parasol
All functional elements are centrally located and can be conveniently operated by the user at any desired height.

8When not in use

Parasol in white protective cover
During periods of bad weather, the protective cover provided can simply be put over the parasol. The protective cover already has a fixed rod sewn in for easy operation as well as an integrated zip.

9Frame coatings

One tube in white
The frame surface is grey anodised in EV1 (extremely shock and impact resistant).

10Fabric type and fabric colours

Various coloured closed parasols arranged in a circle
Choose from over 70 contemporary textile designs, available in three different fabric types:

  • MayTex-Poly, 230 g/m², water column > 1,000 mm
  • MayTex acrylic, 300 g/m², water column 370 mm
  • Further colours and fabric types available on request at any time
  • All fabrics from European production

For more information, see Colours & Textiles.

11Operating instructions

White A5 brochure
Proper handling of the product ensures a long life expectancy. Benefit from our 30 years of experience:

Download PDF file:
Operating instructions MEZZO

Technical data

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MEZZO - 2.1 x 3.0 Meter - Rectangle

Form Rectangle
Dimensions 2.1 x 3.0 m
Segments 10 panels
Area per canopy 6.25
A with / without valance 209 cm
B with / without valance 268 cm
C with / without valance 352 cm
D with / without valance 149 cm
E   157 cm
F   266 cm
G   55 cm
H   90 cm
I with / without valance 192 cm
K with / without valance 268 cm
L with / without valance 38 cm
M with / without valance 69 cm
P with / without valance 50 cm
Q Support pole diameter Ø 5.5 cm
Pole thickness 0.3 cm
Weight without packaging
MayTex-Acryl without valance
16 kg
Length (cm) / Wide (cm) / Height (cm) / Weight (kg)
290 / 32 / 18 / 3
Length/Wide/Minimum depth
50 / 50 / 60 cm
Minimum ballast
Number of layers of concrete slabs XZ49
1 x ~ 72 kg

The canopy is vaulted, so that the corner spokes are approx. 9 –18 cm lower than the centre spokes. (see sketch).


The heights specified are for parasols with MayTex-Acryl covering fabric that are mounted in an anchor tube (DMZ118, DMZ146). The increase in height for parasols with other installation bases can be seen in the list below:

Cross pedestal DMZ110 + 6 cm
Full frame pedestal DMZ411 + 9 cm
Full frame pedestal DMZ412 + 12 cm
Full frame pedestal DMZ414 + 16 cm
Full frame pedestal DMZ420 + 19 cm
Granite base DMZ141 + 10 cm
Wheeled pedestal DMZ282 + 14/15 cm
Anchor plate DMZ261 + 4 cm
Base plate DMZ271 + 12 cm

Intermediate sizes and special sizes on request. Dimensional tolerance approx. 5%.

Graphic representation of a transparent foundation

3D representation of a foundation with winter cover. Frost-proof foundation and enlarge accordingly in case of poor subsoil.

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