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Easy opening and closing of your parasol

For true operational comfort, we offer a practical motor drive option for the SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS giant parasols. It allows for effortless and fast opening and closing of the parasol with the simple press of a button via radio transmission - and that from up to 25 meters away. The electric motor is also extremely gentle on the material - a plus when it comes to the longevity of your parasol. Visually, the engine is virtually invisible, as it is fully integrated into the parasol’s post.

Commissioning is easy thanks to Plug & Play technology. A plug reaching from the ground to motor cable, as well as heat shrink tubing are supplied alongside the parasol - just as a manual hand crank in case of an emergency, such as power failure. The addition of a wind sensor will perfect the motorization of your SCHATTELLO or ALBATROS giant parasols. It measures the wind speed and gives the motor the signal automatically to close the parasols. Due to solar and radio operation, no wiring is required.

Note: The wind sensor serves only as support and does not release the operator from the obligation to close the parasols and secure it with belts during strong winds.

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Product details

Tubular motor

Article-No. 202112

Fully integrated into the center-post, hidden from view; Commissioning via Plug & Play; Opening and closing after 3 seconds of pressing the radio transmitter (protection against accidental activation), with a transmission range of ca. 25 meters; Incl. hand crank for emergency use in case of power failure; incl. plug for connecting floor cables to the motor cable, also incl. heat shrink tubing. The motors can only be implemented in conjunction with the fasteners AZ210, AZ120, AZ024, AZ128 and AZ186. Compatible with LED lighting, not with heaters or loudspeakers. Power: 230 V~ / 50 Hz.

Single-channel hand-held radio transmitter

Article-No. 202105

Single-channel device sufficient if only one parasol is to be controlled. Simultaneous control of one or any number of parasols possible (2 signals).

Holder for radio transmitter

Article-No. 202115

Suitable for single-channel hand-held radio transmitter (art. no. 202105). To be screwed to the wall.

18-channel hand-held radio transmitter

Article-No. 202106

For the control of several parasols; can be used to control solitary as well as grouped parasols, programming possible in our company after prior date arrangement. 18-channel device. For separate control of up to 18 parasols (36 signals).

Holder for radio transmitter

Article-No. 202116

Suitable for 18-channel hand-held radio transmitter 202106. To be screwed to the wall.

Wall-mounted radio transmitter

Article-No. 202104

Radio transmitter for permanent screw-on installation. The transmitter must have direct visual contact with the radio receiver. Sufficient for the control of one parasol. Simultaneous control of one or any number of parasols possible (2 signals).

Radio transmitting station

Article-No. 202108

2-channel radio transmitter to open and close tubular motors by a home automation system. Direct visual contact to the radio transmitter required. Controls 1 or 2 parasols or 1 up to 2 groups of parasols. 4 signals; unidirectional and sequential. Simple integration by potential-free switching contacts (> 3 sec). Can be combined with an 18-channel radio transmitter for single or group control. Input 12 V - 24 V DC or 230 V~ / 50 Hz.

Wind sensor

Article-No. 202108

Only to be used as a supportive measure. In case of rising wind, the operator of the business must see that the parasols are closed and secured with a strap. The wind sensor measures the speed of the wind and passes on a signal to the tubular motor, which then automatically closes the parasols. The wind threshold value can be programmed with an adjustable potentiometer. Solar-cell and radio transmission, no cabling needed. To be fastened in a suitable position with the two dowels supplied in the package. The location should be as exposed as possible and in the vicinity of the parasols. Direct visual contact with the radio receiver necessary.

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