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MayTex - Colours & Fabrics

Not only is the part of the parasol made of fabric the most important and most visible part of this type of sun shade, but also provides a large range of key functions:


Colour, light and shade – physical comfort, atmosphere and décor

The extensive range of high-quality classics and special models. The fabric keeps the sunlight out. It provides protection and shade, creates a colour scheme and structure, and adds a decorative element. The fabric provides ambience and has an influence on personal well-being by filtering the light and giving it a colour hue, thereby lending the space and the surroundings a very special atmosphere. The colour, pattern and translucence of the fabric all have a decisive influence on the effect created.


Each of our parasols gives you the choice of up to 70 different colours and fabrics. Each textile has its own unique properties and advantages.

Desert with blue sky
Harmony and Inner peace through well-balanced colours and natural shades of colour
Sunrise in the mountains
Joie de vivre through vibrant colours
MayTex-Poly MayTex-Acryl MayTex-PVC MayTex-D01
Grammage 230 g/m² 300 g/m² 480 g/m² Depends on print
UV-Protection (UV801) 80 40 - 80 80 50 - 80
Waterproof fabrics 1.000 mm
370 mm
Water repellent
> 1.000 mm
> 1.000 mm
Choice of colour 16 40 14 1 (white)
Cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Special features Attractive price Very hardwearing fabric
a popular and classic means of sun protection
top price/performance ratio
Flame resistant (B1)
(without print),
mechanical, robust
For digital print only
Costs €€ €€€ Depends on print

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Frame colours, custom colours upon request

Canopy colour: MayTex acrylic SA314010 white, frame colour: RAL9006 white aluminium

Fabric collection

The advantages and benefits for you

  • Material: 100% polyacrylic, spun-dyed, weight 300g/m² ±5%
  • Water column (fabric water tightness) 370 mm, European standard EN 20 811
  • Colour fastness: grade ≥7 (against bleaching), tested acc. to standard EN ISO 105-BO2 (1= min., 8= max.)
  • Colour fastness to artificial weathering: grade ≥4-5 (against bleaching), tested acc. to standard EN ISO 105-BO4 (1= min., 5= max.)
  • Protection against UV rays: UPF 40-80, tested acc. to UV standard 801
  • Weather-proof, high and low temperature resistant
  • Effective protection against oil, grease, mould and algae growth, industrial dust, car exhaust fumes and other environmental influences due to highly effective outdoor impregnation
  • Tested acc. to OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (63864 OETI, QC 638/2 IFTH)
  • Imprinted ads: on parasol canopy and valance in durable, brilliant screen-printing quality
  • Cleaning: easy to clean with CleanoMay 13, even when mounted

SA314010 white
similar to RAL 9003
Bordering 00 white
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF40

white, grey knopped

SA314018 white, grey knopped
similar to RAL 9016
Bordering 00 white
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF40

white, yellow/white nap

SA314580 white, yellow/white nap
similar to RAL 9002
Bordering 18 silver
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF40


SA314325 ecru
similar to RAL 1013
Bordering 52 ecru
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF60


SA314851 vanilla
similar to RAL 1015
Bordering 20 ivory
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

white/yellow, grey knopped

SA314583 white/yellow, grey knopped
similar to RAL 1023/1013
Bordering 20 ivory
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF60


SA314033 ivory
similar to RAL 1013
Bordering 20 ivory
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF40

light yellow

DA7560 light yellow
similar to RAL 1023
Bordering 10 pyrite
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314003 yellow
similar to RAL 1023
Bordering 32 yellow
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314045 pyrite
similar to RAL 1002
Bordering 10 pyrite
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314014 mandarine
similar to RAL 1033
Bordering 79 mandarine
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314002 orange
similar to RAL 2004
Bordering 81 orange
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314397 magenta
similar to RAL 4010
Bordering 410 magenta
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

pure red

SA314007 pure red
similar to RAL 3028
Bordering 82 red
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314001 cherry
similar to RAL 3020
Bordering 85 cherry
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314347 ruby
similar to RAL 3003
Bordering 85 cherry
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314022 rust
similar to RAL 2001
Bordering 83 red rust
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314763 bordeaux
similar to RAL 3004
Bordering 86 bordeaux
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314143 mallow
similar to RAL 4001
Bordering P91 mallow
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

royal blue

SA314011 royal blue
similar to RAL 5010
Bordering 62 royal blue
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314006 sapphire
similar to RAL 5002
Bordering 66 blue
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

patina blue

SA314546 patina blue
similar to RAL 5007
Bordering 187 patina blue
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

navy blue

SA314414 navy blue
similar to RAL 5013
Bordering 91 navy blue
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

lime green

DA7244 lime green
similar to RAL 6018
Bordering 42 lime green
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

green/apple green, structured

SA314396 green/apple green, structured
similar to RAL 6021
Bordering 42 lime green
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

dark green

SA314362 dark green
similar to RAL 6005
Bordering 95 dark green
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

patina green

SA314624 patina green
similar to RAL 6000
Bordering 162 patina green
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314038 beige
similar to RAL 1019
Bordering 11 beige
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

silver grey, dark brown knopped

SA314471 silver grey, dark brown knopped
similar to RAL 1013/7006
Bordering 18 silver
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF60

light grey

SA314030 light grey
similar to RAL 7047
Bordering 18 silver
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF60

stone grey, mottled

SA314028 stone grey, mottled
similar to RAL 7042
Bordering 18 silver
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314044 grey-white
similar to RAL 7004
Bordering 18 silver
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314364 telegrey/white
similar to RAL 7046
Bordering 147 opal
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

olive brown

DA8779 olive brown
similar to RAL 7002
Bordering 9533 olive brown
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


DA7559 taupe
similar to RAL 7006
Bordering 926 taupe
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

basalt grey

DA8203 basalt grey
similar to RAL 7010
Bordering 97 basalt grey
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

atlas grey

SA314398 atlas grey
similar to RAL 7043
Bordering 97 basalt grey
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

black/beige, structured

SA314402 black/beige, structured
similar to RAL 6006
Bordering 19 black
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

dark brown

SA314016 dark brown
similar to RAL 8017
Bordering 27 dark brown
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80


SA314154 black
similar to RAL 9017
Bordering 19 black
UV-Protection (UV801) UPF80

Every fabric and every colour come with a different level of UV protection. For more information about this, please read the following article: Do parasols offer sufficient UV protection?


The parasol canopy is bordered by a high-quality awning edge trim made of polyacrylic. If no information is provided about the colour, then it harmonises with the fabric colour. Choosing contrasting colours for the canopy and the edge trim allows you to create a visual accent.

FILIUS Ø 3 m, MayTex Acryl SA 314 014 mandarin, edge trim in colour no. 18 silver
FILIUS Ø 3 m, MayTex Acryl SA 314 014 mandarin, edge trim in colour no. 18 silver
The colours shown on this page do not accurately render the original colours. If necessary, please request a fabric collection with original fabric samples. Custom colours are available upon request.

Product characteristics of parasol canopies and awning cloths

Parasol canopies are hardwearing products. However, there is a limit to the perfection that even today’s state-of-the-art products can achieve, which must, after all, satisfy environmental protection requirements. Despite sophisticated production and processing technology, the cloth may exhibit certain visual effects that occasionally result in complaints. These visual effects do not compromise the parasol’s value and suitability for use in any way. To avoid any sort of confusion, we would like to draw your attention to the following characteristics:

Crease marks

Crease marks form when the cloth that will provide shade is being cut to size and being folded. When viewed against the light, a dark line may be visible where the cloth was folded, particularly if the cloth has a light colour.

Chalk effect

Light chalk-like stripes may arise during the processing of materials. Although the greatest of care is taken, they cannot always be totally avoided.

Impermeability to water and rainfastness

Polyacrylic sun shade fabric is treated with a water-repellent finish and remains rainproof when cared for properly and when only exposed to brief rain showers. If the cloth becomes wet, it must be opened up again as soon as possible to allow it to dry.

Abrasion marks

Over time, some abrasion can occur, which will unfortunately weaken the material and impair the fabric quality. To counteract this, the fabric must be pulled out from between the spokes when the parasol is closed, and a yellow cord be used to stop the fabric from flattering.

Recommendation for cleaning

Any dirt or marks can be removed by cleaning using a soft brush and CleanoMay 13. After doing so, rinse well with water to ensure no residue remains on the fabric. A steam jet can also be used for cleaning a large surface (no hotter than 30 °C, max. 30 bar, at least 30 cm between nozzle and canopy, cleaning agent: CleanoMay 13, 1 litre of concentrate yields 26 litres of cleaning fluid)

Product characteristics of the yarn for the seams

Alternating segment colours

Alternating segment colours are available in the patterns illustrated here.

Graphic of a round parasol roof with alternating segments 1/8-division
Graphic of a square parasol roof with alternating segments 1/8-division
Graphic of a square parasol roof with alternating segments 1/4-division
Graphic of a rectangular parasol roof with alternating segments 1/4-division