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MEZZO – Variable parasol for home gardens

The practical way the canopy of the MEZZO is fixed allows the parasol to be opened positioned when at an angle, and stops the top of the parasol from swaying in the wind. Operation of the garden parasol, for instance using the hand crank to open and close it or position it at an angle of your choice, is ergonomic and effortless.

The advantages and benefits for you

  • Optimal use of your outdoor area/patio, with models that come in 5 different sizes (round, square, rectangular)
  • Round parasol with an area of up to 86 ft², or a square parasol up to 75 ft²
  • Cantilever parasol, providing optimal freedom to move
  • Parasol rotates around the pole by 360°
  • Parasol rotates around the cantilever arm by 180°
  • The parasol can also be positioned vertically, e.g. as a privacy screen
  • Excellent UV protection of UPF40 to UPF80 in accordance with the standard UV801
  • Optional height adjustment (MEZZO MH)
  • Stable model
  • Frame made of high-quality, anodised aluminium profiles in EV1, grey, made in Europe
  • Spokes made of powder coated spring steel in silver RAL 9006
  • The entire parasol fabric collection has been fully tested in accordance with UV801
  • The canopy is quick and easy to replace
  • Quick and easy replacement of fabric
  • Different valance versions
  • All parts optimised for care and maintenance
  • Delivered ready to set up
  • All parts available for purchase as spares and for repair there and then
Umbrella in pyrite on the terrace
MEZZO MH 8' 6" x 8' 6"
Umbrella in pyrite on the terrace
MEZZO Ø 9' 10" - ZimmerMeisterHaus - Photographer : Joachim Mohr
Cantilever parasol in gray on the terrace
MEZZO MH Ø 9' 10"
Cantilever parasol in white on the terrace
MEZZO MH Ø 9' 10"
Cantilever parasol in magenta on the terrace
MEZZO MH Ø 9' 10"
Cantilever parasol in beige with canopy bonnet on the terrace
MEZZO with canopy bonnet, 4 bonnets

Product details

Along with the basic model (MEZZO MG), the MEZZO cantilever parasol is also available with an integrated height adjustment mechanism that uses a gas pressure spring in the parasol shaft (MEZZO MH). Its sleek design and all the different fabrics and colours available make the MEZZO cantilever parasol a real ‘eye-catcher’ for your garden or patio!

1Fabric type and fabric colours

Various coloured closed parasols arranged in a circle
Choose from over 50 contemporary textile designs, available in two different fabric types:

  • MayTex Poly, 230 g/m², water column > 1,000 mm
  • MayTex Acryl, 300 g/m², water column 370 mm
  • Other colours and types of fabric are available any time upon request
  • All fabrics are manufactured in Europe

You can find more information under Colours & Fabrics.

2Stability when in use

Connection between frame and canopy
The practical way the canopy of the MEZZO is secured allows it to be opened when placed at an angle.

3The frame

The frame is produced using very high-quality extruded aluminium alloy profiles. The surface of the frame is anodised, extremely impact and shock resistant, and available in the colour EV1 anodised silver grey. The spokes are made of spring steel and are powder coated in the colour RAL 9006 white aluminium.


Crank drive
Just a few turns of the hand crank are all it takes to open and close the MEZZO, and moving it into the preferred position and fixing it in place is equally easy.

5Valance versions

Two magenta-coloured canopies with and without valance
Parasol canopy ‘1’ features a classic valance. Version ‘2’ does not come with a valance. This makes an understated and modern impression, not only for use at home.

6Optimal flexibility

Parasol with mobility inscriptions
The canopy can be turned on all 3 axes::
  • Around the pole by 360°
  • Around the cantilever arm by 180°
  • Around the joint axis by 90°

This flexibility of the canopy allows you to align the parasol optimally to block out the sun, or use it as a privacy screen.

7MEZZO MH with height adjustment mechanism

Screen in horizontal movement
More functions – more benefits. MEZZO MH comes with an additional height adjustment mechanism that uses a gas pressure spring integrated into the parasol pole, something that the MG model does not feature. This means that this parasol minimises the physical effort required to adjust it with an effective lifting aid.

8Ergonomic operation

Woman operating side pole parasol
All functional elements have been installed in one place, and the user will find them convenient to operate regardless of the height.

9When not in use

Parasol in white protective cover
When the weather’s not good, the protective cover provided is easy to slide over the parasol. There’s a fixed rod sewn into the protective cover to make it easy to use, and a zip has been integrated as well.

10The frame coating

One tube in white
The surface of the frame is EV1 anodised in grey (extremely impact and shock resistant).

11The operating manual

White A5 brochure
Proper handling of the product ensures a long service life. Reap the profit of our 30 years of experience:

PDF file to download:
MEZZO Operating manual

Technical data

SortArrows indicating sorting

MEZZO - 2.1 x 3.0 Metres - Rectangular

DimensionsØ 2.1 x 3.0 m
Segments10 panels
Area per canopy6.25
Awith / without valance 209 cm
Bwith / without valance 268 cm
Cwith / without valance 352 cm
Dwith / without valance 149 cm
E 157 cm
F 266 cm
G 55 cm
H 90 cm
Iwith / without valance 192 cm
Kwith / without valance 268 cm
Lwith / without valance 38 cm
Mwith / without valance 69 cm
Pwith / without valance 50 cm
QDiameter of parasol poleØ 5.5 cm
Pole thickness0.3 cm
Weight without packaging
MayTex-Acryl without valance
16 kg
length (ft) / width (ft) / Height (ft) / Weight (kg)
290 / 32 / 18 / 3
length/width/minimum depth
50 / 50 / 60 cm
Minimum ballast
number of concrete slab layers XZ49
1 x ~ 72 kg

The top of the parasol is vaulted, which means the corner spokes are around 3.5 in or 7.1 in deeper respectively than the spokes in the centre (see the diagram below).


All information about heights refer to parasols with a MayTex Acryl canopy and which are set up in an anchor tube (DMZ118, DMZ146). Dimensions for other means of securing parasols change as follows:

Cross pedestalDMZ110+ 2.4 in
Full frame pedestalDMZ411+ 3.5 in
Full frame pedestalDMZ412+ 4.7 in
Full frame pedestalDMZ414+ 6.3 in
Full frame pedestalDMZ420+ 7.5 in
Granite baseDMZ141+ 3.9 in
Wheeled pedestalDMZ282+ 5.5/5.9 in
Anchor plateDMZ261+ 1.6 in
Base plateDMZ271+ 4.7 in

Intermediate dimensions and custom sizes upon request. Dimensional tolerances ±5%.

Graphic representation of a transparent foundation

3D image of a foundation with a winter cover. Create a frost-proof foundation and increase its size accordingly if the ground is poor.

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