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Parasols withstand the wind with our canopy stabiliser

Equip your large parasol for maximum stability. The canopy stabiliser provides support for the outer ends of the spokes. This is where the largest forces act. The force of the wind dragging and pressing on the canopy is absorbed, giving the large parasol a high degree of stability.

MAY Parasol roof stabiliser
MAY Parasol roof stabiliser

Areas of use

The canopy stabiliser is the ideal solution when you’d like your parasol to remain open even when a strong breeze picks up. This is particularly interesting in the classic exposed locations, such as unsheltered patios, coastal regions or on the upper floors of office and industrial buildings.


The large parasol can withstand more wind when equipped with canopy stabilisers. Spoke movement can be minimised, extending the service life. You can profit from the following:

  1. A long service life saves resources and protects the environment. Investing more in the short term yields long-term savings.
  2. Climate change is causing freak weather all over the world. The more stable an installation has been designed to be, the more likely it is to withstand increasingly dramatic environmental conditions.

More revenue

The canopy stabilisers reinforce the large parasol in a way that allows it to be used almost all year round. More stability results in optimal protection from all types of weather, which in the hospitality industry helps increase revenue. Everyone profits.

The configuration levels

Four canopy stabilisers on the diagonal spokes reinforce the basic stability of the large parasol, at an economically interesting price. It is, of course, optimal when there is a canopy stabiliser installed on every spoke. The modular principle means there are no technical problems with upgrading from four corner spokes to all spokes at a later stage.

Easy does it

A force of up to 200 kg from the wind dragging and pressing on the canopy can be absorbed in an axial direction.

Suitable items

Securing element for the top

Aluminium profile in EV1 silver grey, ball socket in white.

for SCHATTELLO Article-No. 354100
for ALBATROS Article-No. 354102

Initial installation

The securing element for the top is only fastened to the aluminium spoke once. It remains firmly in place even when the large parasol is opened or closed.

Automatic adjustment

The ball housing in the shell automatically adapts to every spoke during installation (on the main axis) – regardless of the angle the parasol pole has been placed at. Complicated adjustment and modification is not required. The canopy stabilisers are therefore easily interchangeable during installation.

Canopy stabilisers

Model in standard length, telescopic system, made of aluminium EV1 in silver grey, outer Ø of main pole 55 × 3 mm, outer Ø of telescopic rod 48 × 4 mm, total length when retracted 65", total length when extended 112.2".

for SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS Article-No. 354104

Canopy stabiliser for extra long parasol pole

total length when retracted 84.6", total length when extended 137.8".

for SCHATTELLO and ALBATROS Article-No. 357808

Suitable parasols

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I'm interested in:
Residential parasols
Commercial parasols