Ground sleeves - the elegant alternative for your parasol

Do anchors for the parasols always have to be visible? - Clear answer: No! At MAY you will find suitable ground sleeves for concreting for each cantilever and classic parasol. This fastening element option does not only guarantee reliable stability, but also the highest elegance, without any visible weights required. This is not only visually beautiful, but also practical and convenient: your patio surface remains almost entirely free to use, without any changes in height or distracting weight elements. Ground sockets are ideal, for example, to anchor cantilever parasols on terraces.

As an alternative to embedded ground sleeves, we provide ground sleeves with anchor plates that can be attached to the subfloor. This anchor plate option is also suitable for installation in higher floor structures.

All ground sockets are also available with a foldable hinge sleeve for simpler operation.

Just ask our consultant for the matching ground socket for your parasol. Check out our catalogue for an overview of all anchors - Request now!







Ground sleeves parasol

Ground sleeves

Anchor plate parasol


Ground sleeves with anchor plate to fasten to the ground

Ground sleeve parasol


Standard ground sleeve

Ground sleeve parasol


Ground sleeve with hinge sleeve


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