Bolted anchors for your parasol

Bolted anchors are the smart choice to anchor your parasol - without excavation, without concreting, without pollution, but with attractive visual appearance and reliable stability for your cantilever or giant parasol.

The assembly of bolted anchors is done in five simple steps that are typically completed in about 30 minutes.

The result is visually impressive in every aspect: due to the lack of a parasol stand, the appearance is elegant, providing more floor space without any bumps. If necessary, anchors can be moved at any time - a plus in terms of flexibility. Security is also not forgotten: our bolted anchors are designed for soil class 3 to 7 and for wind strength of up to 4.

Bolted anchors are available for May cantilever parasols DACAPO and MEZZO and May giant parasols FILIUS and SCHATTELLO. They are perfectly suited for parasols with aluminum posts. Upon request, we are also happy to the complete assembly of bolted anchors for you, suited to your wishes.


Bolted anchor parasol

Bolted anchors

Sleeve cap




Sleeve cap

is screwed with 3 screws to the top of the bolted anchor.

Bolted Anchor

Bolted anchor in the ground

is screwed into the ground and provides stability and reliable security.

Warnings and conditions:


  • The bolted anchor must be vertically screwed by the service provider in the ground. A slight deviation can be compensated with the screws on the sleeve cap.
  • The bolted anchors must be positioned by the service provider at the correct distance. For this, there is no possibility of correction with the May sleeve cap.
  • The soil must not exceed the soil class 4 up to a depth of 2 m (length of the bolted anchor in the ground).
  • No wires, pipes, gas, water, or electricity may run through the assembly area of the bolted anchor. For this, the land owner / customer needs to sign the foundation installation conditions of the company Krinner.
  • The assembly area must be free accessible to the service provider.
  • Please also take note of the information on bolted anchors in our latest May catalogue.

You will find more details in our brochure, which you can download or order free of charge.


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