MAY Mounting high table

MAY Mounting high table

Outside is the better inside: Enhance your outdoor catering with giant parasols and integrated bar tables

As soon as the thermometer climbs to milder temperatures, people are drawn outside. Due to Corona, it is also likely that restaurants, cafés and bars will first be allowed to reopen their outdoor dining areas. The best way to take advantage of these two events expected with spring for your resurgent business success is to pay special attention to the outdoor area of your location this season.



MAY parasol bar table


Must-have giant parasol: Successful outdoor gastronomy in any weather

There's no such thing as bad weather when you fit your location with giant parasols. They provide cozy protection in both strong sunlight and passing rain showers.

Multi-talented giant parasol: With clever accessories to even greater benefit

With the MAY bar table attached to the parasol pole, the giant parasol is doubly useful: You can expand the catering area in the simplest way imaginable. You create convivial solutions for small groups that gather outdoors for lively discussions, refreshing drinks or smoking. Thanks to its clever design and simple assembly, the MAY bar table can also be retrofitted to existing giant parasols.

MAY parasol bar table

The biggest advantages summarized and all product information in detail can be found here as a PDF.


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Customers with the highest demands opt for MAY parasols.

MAY clients are people with very particular notions of quality and design. MAY parasols perfectly match these requirements. Whether compact cantilever parasols for the private garden or giant parasols for commercial use - a parasol by MAY always brings the utmost in product quality and aesthetics.